Bow Wow: Signing to Cash Money, Birdman Breakfast Club Outburst Genius

Bow Wow has been signed with Cash Money since 2009, and while he has never released any music on the label, he revealed that Birdman still cut him a “big” check. When asked why he hasn’t put out an album on the label so far, Bow Wow explained to VladTV that his acting career got in the way of getting in the studio when he first signed to Cash Money and it hasn’t let up since.

During the conversation DJ Vlad also asked Bow Wow for his take on current and former Cash Money artists complaining of bad business from Birdman, which Bow Wow said he’s never experienced. The “Outta My System” rapper then added that he’s experienced other people lie about bad business dealings with Birdman, and Bow Wow pointed out that the Cash Money CEO has a lot on his plate.

To hear more of what Bow Wow had to say in the above clip, including going through drama with the mother of his child, hit play.

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