Vokable – Raw S@#!

Just wanted to let you know I’ve released a New Music Video. With Snippets from my upcoming mixtape. Check it out here. Filmed by Brian Hannah / Bøwen Vøk Chris Connell Jacob Neary James Brooks Mitchell Paquette Allen Shaw Trent Ribble Sam Meiler Jamie Bax Leystra Dallas DigitalDzasta Owen Dave DeBie Liljoeflo Joseph Hiscock Jordan McIntosh Ace Bailey Jay Forbes Chuck Seale Andrew Bailey Brandon Koss Ankit Khanna Mustafa Khan Kieran Jones Fortunato Tacchini Luc Forrest Luc Rodriguez Kole Frank Armin Hariri Cody Hatt Cailska Reagh Matt Reagh Johnny Chase Jayles Ashesanddrinks Rady Luy Mario Collazo Sharif Lacey Brandon Betts Doug Frankdouglas Butler Fran Tik Sese Season Filbert Salton Edwin Jimenez Christ Sampson Stephen J Ben

Category: Up-N-Coming
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